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Lingerie sets add a flare to any wardrobe. Whether a special occasion or everyday wear it's nice to have that special something waiting for you. If you're dipping into lingerie for the first time let us help you start that collection! So what type of lingerie do we carry? Lets get into that! 

Bra & panties


Bra and panties are a great start! Knowing you're wearing that something extra under your everyday wear gives that boost of confidence. We here at KlassyStuff carry sets and separate items.  

Bodysuits & Teddys 

Bodysuits and teddies are very similar but do have their differences. Bodysuits like a leotard covers from shoulder to hips with a closed crotch. Bodysuits are great for pairing with everyday wear like jeans and a skirt. Teddys on the other hand are meant more for the bedroom. Often having a plunging neck line, sensual material, and sometimes open crotch. Coverage can vary, but all teddys move with the body providing comfort and beauty at the same time.  

Stockings & Pantyhose


Can be used for lingerie and everyday! Stocking go up to your knees or thighs while panty hose go all the way to your waist. In styles like fishnets and sheer you are sure to find something that fits your style and wardrobe. 


Very similar styles with slight differences. Chemises usually hit mid thigh and have a tighter fit. Babydoll style fits looser, usually has a shorter hemline, and cups to better support your breast. 

Garters & Garter Belts


Traditionally garter belts were used around the waist to keep stockings from falling. Now a days they are more of a seductive touch to a lingerie set. You still want to make sure you are wearing your garter belt correctly. Similar to bra straps the straps are adjustable so you can choose the right length. We also carry wedding garters that traditionally were used as a thing you would toss and who ever caught it would have good luck; tossed or not the garter was kept as a keepsake from your big day, a heirloom for the bride. Now they are used for a sensual accessory.  

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