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Extra Fun 


Want to spice things up in the bedroom but don't know how? We have you covered! We here at KlassyStuff carry oral sprays, arousal gels, natural enhancement supplements, warming gel, arousal lip balms, pheromone sprays, and delay serums. So what are these products and what makes them so specials? Let me break them down for you!

Oral Spray 

Oral Anesthetic spray is designed to help you satisfy your partner by suppressing your gag reflex so you can take more of his manhood deeper into your throat and mouth. 

Natural enhancement supplements 

Our enhancement supplements are meant to help increase blood flow to your manly member. Made of all natural ingredients and in Canada!

Arousal Lip Balms

Arousal Balms have a blend of ingredients that provide a tingling sensation when you go down on your partner. Great for both parties and sensation play!!!!

Delay Serum

Delay serum is a formula that supports sexual pleasure by helping prevent premature ejaculation. It helps boost confidence in the bedroom and makes play go on for longer.

Arousal Gel

Arousal gel is a topical aid meant to help stimulate the lower region and is applied before fore play. The gel utilizes a blend of ingredients, to enhance sensation and stimulation to heighten pleasure. 

Warming Gel

Warming gel is great for sensation play and massage. Just apply and blow onto the area the gel is applied and you get a warm sensation that creates a relaxed feeling 

Pheromone Spray

These sprays are a compound of chemicals that stimulates the nose. It stimulates an attraction response which makes you appear more confident, friendly, and sexy. They can work in a 10-15 feet range making them prefect to use when trying to attract someone or just appear more friendly.

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